Movies And TV Worth Watching

What movies or TV series have you watched more than 5 times?

I’m taking this question to mean what are some really great movies and TV shows worth watching many times.

TV Shows

House M.D. – A medical drama based on Sherlock Holmes with a main character who hates people but loves puzzles. The misanthropic doctor is constantly being mean, insulting and belittling his friends and employees as he finds his way through the chaos of different cases while also dealing with personal struggles. He’s a caring person in an uncaring way who carries the show with a brilliant level of charm and a genius mind. Eight series of House managed to never get old, plus it had the right balance of personal with professional struggles. Great for binging or catching the odd episode anytime.

Yu-Gi-Oh – The original series of Yu-Gi-Oh follows a boy who unlocks the secrets of an ancient puzzle, finding himself embroiled in a shadowy world of powerful monsters and the potential destruction of the world. The mix of characters are fantastic, from the underdog Joey to the mega rich Kaiba there’s always a unique personality with a story attached. Everything in this show has some sort of message cleverly delivered through a long and dramatic tale where so much can be learned. This one also got a fantastic card game in real life, admittedly I think the card game got worse over time. For anyone willing to watch an anime this is well worth sitting through more than once as there’s always a new perspective.

Crime Dramas – Just the whole genre really, there are so many out there that there’s something for everyone. Jonathan Creek is a personal favourite where a magician’s assistant works out how people can be killed in impossible situations. There’s plenty of other BBC ones, some from other British channels too but the Americans do a decent amount too with NCIS, Law & Order and Criminal Minds often acting as background noise in my house. The beauty of these programmes is that they are as engaging as you want them to be, plus they often give a crime per episode so it’s easy to drop in and out without having seen every part of a series.

Phineas And Ferb – Possibly the best thing to ever come out of Disney, a cartoon about two brothers who solve their boredom problem by doing anything they set their mind to. There’s a constant formula to how the show runs that’s so consistent one episode features no proper words but remains easy to follow. An idea from the boys, the sister trying to stop them, a scientist fighting a platypus with a musical section and everything miraculously resolving itself by the end of the episode. A funny, clever show that I’ve watched many times over.


The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie – This one has really stuck with me since childhood as one of the greatest movies ever made. The old idea of growing up, how the world will only cause you problems until you fit right, only to find that how you were is what you needed all along. Decently adult with its humour while also being aimed at children this movie follows the iconic animated sponge as he finds his inner strength on a quest to save the seas from the evil Plankton. It’s silly and fun as it puts some incredibly serious ideas forward, poking fun at real life in a way that’s sometimes a little too accurate and can really get you in the feels.

Mega Series – Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, X Men and so many more massively famous movie series have sprung up over time and I’m certain everyone has one that they’ll always go back to. It doesn’t matter if you know what happens to Marty Mcfly, you’re still watching Back To The Future again next Christmas because it’s become tradition. Certain series just hold up really well showing the everlasting quality.

Rat Race – A rich guy sets up a race using animals that can think, lie or cheat. A race that would be incredible to bet on as the outcome would be so unpredictable. Add in a group of massive all star actors from both sides of the pond and we get a hugely impressive comedy that I’m happy to sit through any time I find it on tv or on demand.

Mr Bean’s Holiday – The world famous goofball played by the brilliant rubber faced Rowan Atkinson. No language barrier, no sense and total chaos with an accidental kidnapping and a mental movie maker. Bean is accessible to all and delivers a constant stream of joyful mishaps with his inability to play by the rules of the world. There’s a unique hilarity that nothing else has ever seemed to capture and Mr Bean’s Holiday is probably a perfection of the character performance with a clever and heartwarming story. Another one that I’ll always run to watch with fantastic dance scenes, awesome survival and some classic gags thrown in as well.

The Dark Knight – Gritty, realistic Batman with one of the greatest portrayals of one of the most iconic villains ever. This is a strange one because it’s a DC superhero movie that fits in more with action films like Taken than anything else I’ve seen from the genre. The struggle between light and dark with the emergence of pure chaos. Is there a right way to do things? Or can even the whitest knight be corrupted? There’s a lot about morality and how people really think thrown in alongside explosive action with funny moments and a slightly scary atmosphere. One of those movies that’s hard to not call perfect.

Obviously this isn’t everything I’ve watched many times but the list would take a year to write on it’s own. I may add to this if I can be bothered but the above come highly recommended.


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