The Leader: Young Thugs

John turned off the TV, he had been watching the news. He then got up and went into the kitchen, pulled the blinds open and stood, staring out of the window.

“Another bombing, third one this week.” John said to himself, he hated the changes that The Leader had made and the problems those changes had caused.

Still looking out of the window, John watched as a gang of six young thugs beat an old woman to the ground. He watched as the woman begged for mercy, eventually accepting her fate and laying still, taking the hits.

The woman moved her head slightly, just enough for John to see her eyes. She could also see him. She mouthed the word help before one of the thugs plunged a knife into her chest.

Someone in the group must have seen which way she had been looking, followed her gaze and spotted John.

As three of the band of thugs started to make their way towards John’s house, he closed the blinds, opened a drawer and grabbed a knife.

Seconds later, John heard the smash of glass as a rock came through one of his windows, this noise was repeated a few times. There was then a series of loud bangs coming from the direction of the front door and an almighty crash as it burst open.


I’d really appreciate comments on this one as I’m thinking of turning it into something longer. This would probably be the beginning. Thank you for any feedback.

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