Cluedo (also known as Clue) is a detective themed board game with a rule book that makes it seem incredibly complicated. In truth the game is simple, all you really do is look at pictures and cross them off a list.

I sat down with my family for some Game Of Thrones Cluedo. None of us had ever played Cluedo and only my dad and sister knew about Game Of Thrones. After my dad managed to confuse himself with the rule book repeatedly and answered any questions with a baffling quoting of said rule book a video on YouTube and common sense prevailed. We may not have played it perfectly by the expected rules but we had fun and that’s the main thing.

Roll the dice, move around the board, draw question mark cards, accuse characters while stating weapons in the characters locations and work out who the murderer is and their method based on which cards we were able to show each other.

I’d recommend watching a video before your first ever game so you can learn how to play and make sure all the players enjoy logical thinking but for a board game this is one of the more enjoyable ones I’ve played so far. Cluedo is unexpectedly fantastic.

I’ll also mention that there’s a brilliant movie called Clue based on this game.

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