How can you combine a calm, relaxing activity with exercise and transport that even lazy people sometimes do? You start walking.

Yesterday I was bored and decided to walk around the housing estate that I live on. In just less than half an hour I’d walked a mile and a half (nearly two and a half kilometres). It was peaceful and gave me a way to waste time that involved movement.

You can be more intensive to make it better for fitness. You can let your mind wander and find your mental health improves. Even that trip to the shops that you can’t be bothered with, involving it in your walk kills two birds with one stone.

Some people will be thinking running is better which if fitness is your mindset or speed is required would be true. But there are people that me that hear no pain no gain and decide not to bother, why would I want to put myself in pain? Walking allows me to remain active but also calm and relatively pain free.

You see I’m not just lazy, I’m also flat footed. Heavy movement such as running does quickly start to hurt. This is because I don’t have a proper arch in my foot to act as a shock absorber. I naturally stand with my feet at a ten-to-two position. Even walking hurts eventually but it takes that bit longer.

I think that we should all take care of ourselves but keep it as we like it and walking is just the level I need to stay healthy enough. If you don’t do enough movement just find something that doesn’t feel like exercise and you may feel better in yourself.

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