I Watched: TMNT

2007’s CGI Ninja Turtles movie where ancient warriors open a portal to another dimension and are cursed for their efforts with immortality and being turned to stone. Interesting idea.

It follows this by showing us that after the defeat of Shredder, the Turtles disbanded. Leo went to train in Central America, Donny became an IT phone support guy, Mikey worked out that he could do children’s parties if he wore a mascot head and Raph decided that he needed to keep up the crime fighting work by becoming a metal clad vigilante known as Nightwatcher.

After a bit of story stuff the Turtles reunite, giving us a plot about the mistrust between Leonardo and Raphael, the brothers fight. This results in the group becoming more involved in the immortal stone warrior side of things. The warriors side with the Foot Ninjas (now led by a woman), together they collect the monsters that have been unleashed on the world until everything finally slots into place and we get a final confrontation.

The voice acting is done well enough and there’re a few big names like Patrick Stewart an Nolan North. The actual CGI is alright but looks a little bit like Pixar in my opinion, I’m not a huge fan of the look. The Turtles are very human-like in the way they’re built, apart from the head shapes they don’t seem as turtle as I would have liked.

So, we get a good plot about brotherly rivalry and brotherly love; plus we get an end of the world situation with the Warrior, Monster stuff. We get April, Casey and Splinter to help the Turtles out which overall makes for a pretty good story driven film. They just missed one thing, there was next to no humour, it didn’t fully feel like a Ninja Turtle film because the jokes were either too few or didn’t hit right.

I do have the DVD of this one though and there’s plenty in the bonus features for me including alternative start and ends to the film.

Worth watching for any Turtles fan.

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