The Crumbling Tower

A poem about the fact that some things can be too much for one person and going alone can cause more harm than good.

You are insane.

Rogue Legacy’s character select screen displays the character’s unique qualities, each one having a class, a trait and a spell that will change the game and the way you play slightly. The character in the picture has the trait “Dementia” which is described as “You are insane.” Now, there’s a lot of talk about mental […]

The Myth Of Mental Health

The myth of mental health, Effecting poor and those with wealth, Schizophrenics hearing voices, Can they make conscious choices? Depressives hitting rock bottom, Are they stuck in a world that is rotten? People are just insecure, Can anxiety have a final cure? Then of course there’s bipolar disorder, There’s something wrong with a hoarder, Psychotics […]


“TECHNOLOGY AND MACHINES – WE ARE THE MASTERS OF ALL!” – Loading Screen, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is a game in which the Nazis have won world war 2 and captured America, the woman in the picture is Frau Irene Engel who is one of the Nazis main Generals […]

A runaway train…

“A runaway train is bearing down on five people. You’re standing on the platform next to an enormously fat man. Pushing him into the track would stop the train. (a)Push the fat man. (b)Do nothing.” – TranStar personality questions, Prey (2017) In the game the character is made to answer a few fairly basic questions, […]