Recipe: Salmon on Toast

You will need:

A piece of salmon

A piece of bread

A piece of mature cheddar

Salted butter

Vegetable oil

A cucumber

A bay leaf

A grill or toaster

At least one knife

An oven

An oven tray


A plate

To make:

Place the salmon in the middle of a sheet of foil. Pour a light coating of oil onto the salmon, not a huge amount but still enough to cover it. Place a small chunk of butter onto the centre of the salmon. Put the bay leaf in with this and wrap the foil around the fish, crumple at the sides and top to seal it and any steam in. Place the foil containing the fish onto a baking tray and cook in the oven at 180degrees (fan oven) for around fifteen minutes.

Wait around ten minutes then:

Use the grill or toaster to toast the bread and butter it when toasted.

Chop the cucumber into small pieces.

Place the buttered toast onto the plate with cheese covering about two thirds of it. Put the chopped cucumber onto the plate and remove the foil from the oven, then remove the salmon from the foil and place the salmon on the toast.

Serving suggestion: have a drink of some kind (I chose the can of fizzy pop in the picture) and have a calm atmosphere.

The flavours and temperatures of the food should complement each other well.

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