Meet Legoegaer

LegoegaerMeet Legoegaer. He’s a Wood Elf, born in Daggerfall to a kindly couple who bore no ill will upon the world. Soon the Aldmeri Dominion attacked. A force of Wood Elf warriors with the aid of some deadly High Elf mages laid waste to parts of the province, slaughtering all who stood in their way. That day Legoegaer’s parents made a deal, they would assist the Dominion in secret, becoming spies on local militia movements and allowing scouts to use their home as a safehouse. A few months after the attacks the Daggerfall Covenant drove their enemy back, the enemy being the Elves. Legoegaer’s parents did not survive the attack.

Upon finding the infant Legoegaer during the fighting a Breton warrior rescued the young Elf, returning to his own farm after the battle. He adopted the child, not caring about it’s elven origin, raising him as his own teaching sword, bow and basic magic skill. Their bond was strong and as Legoegaer grew he supported the Daggerfall Covenant, joining their ranks and driven by his desire to force the Dominion into submission.

A little unclear about what happened, Legoegaer found himself waking in a strange Adeptorium where dragons pose a new threat to his life. After eliminating what he could of the people attacking with the dragon, he realises there’re necromancers that need dealing with too. Soon our elven protagonist learned that he was in Elsweyr, a province belonging to the Aldmeri Dominion he decides that helping people isn’t important and quests as a mercenary, seeking gold and glory along the way. Although still allied to the Daggerfall Covenant, Legoegaer takes jobs from anyone no matter how ethical although when he gets a choice he tries to do as his Breton father would have wanted and picks the kinder option although he generally tries not to persuade or intimidate people if he can’t see great gains. His most recent adventure was helping the Ebonheart Pact fight for Northern Skyrim but only because he thought the prince would pay well.

Growing up on the farm allowed the Wood Elf to discover he could easily bond with animals and although he had some skill with swords and magic his natural affinity for the bow shone through. His only true companion is the trusty bear that guards him, literally throwing itself at enemies to serve a lifelong friend who stands by him, even when the afterlife calls. Legoegaer is most comfortable in medium weight, leathery armour and is working on his ability to sneak.

His new ambition is to join both the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild, to find glory in the eyes of Sithis and Nocturnal as he seeks a more lucrative career than basic adventuring and helping random farmers. He now struggles to achieve his goal as it comes at great cost, of his morals, his heroic reputation and some substance called Crowns which have a special magic to control the very objects that exist in his world. Little does he know of his true destiny, to fight a daedric invasion and be the Vestige that will save the whole of Tamriel.

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