Lego Yoda

I got this cool little dude for Christmas. Although I’m not a huge Star Wars fan I have always liked Yoda and given the amount of pieces that it was, the amount of time it took plus the amount of fun I had making him meant this was great value for money. I also have a decorative item for my bedroom.

I like jigsaw puzzles, I like construction toys like Lego and screw together kits. I find some peace in the activity and a sense of achievement when the thing is complete. I’d like to make a more consistent hobby of doing things like this which I’ve been doing infrequently for a while.

This Lego kit is particularly good for Star Wars fans as it provides a little character fact file with a mini figure.

Of all the things I opened on Christmas this was definitely the one I was most excited to complete and I am very happy with it.

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