Moss (VR) – Great

Moss is a charming little virtual reality puzzle adventure platformer where the player controls both a sword wielding mouse called Quill and a magic orb called The Reader.

For the most part this game is quite calm and peaceful. Visually, Moss is a beautiful game with woodland, swamp, cavern and castle environments. The whole reason for the adventure is that Quill’s uncle has been captured and only a champion hero can save him, it’s an average plot with an animal mascot, nothing incredible on paper but it works very well.

This game works so well because of the control scheme. Using the DS4 like you would in a non VR game controls Quill and the light on the top of the DS4 is your physical VR control of the orb which can manipulate the environment, enemies and heal, stroke or high five Quill. This control scheme allows for a genuine bond to form between The Reader (you) and Quill in a way that most games can’t achieve. Every time something difficult is completed Quill offers a high five, if she gets bored from standing around too long she kicks her feet and her squeaks sometimes sound like proper communication, it’s weird but it works to the point that I was immersed in the adventure and found myself to be quite tense when helping Quill take on the final boss.

The puzzles are usually just a case of lifting or turning something so Quill can progress to the next area. The combat is sort of skilled with a poke and dodge battle style against beetle type enemies and some explosive creatures that The Reader can get involved in. There was only one fight in the game that was truly difficult, it was a large crab in an optional section of the game and became frustrating because there was nothing to show the crab was taking damage.

As for collectibles, Moss is full of little scrolls that are hidden in the different stages, usually with a little effort needed to find them.

Overall, Moss is a fun, charming and joyful little VR game. There are no real faults that I can find with it and this is an example of what a brilliant VR game can be. It really did make me happy to play which I’ve written about here.

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