Leftover Food

An easy way to reduce waste and save money is to eat all the food you cook. Now, as obvious as that sounds, a lot of people can’t seem to grasp the idea. It’s alright eating everything in your meal but if you’ve cooked too much what do you do?

Many people will throw their surplus food away. Leave it to rot in the bin because that’s what our waste disposal system is for, in a few days it’ll be feeding a bird in a landfill site and you’ll have cooked another meal’s worth of food.

Instead of throwing food away find a way to make it appeal again. We’ve all had one too many burgers on the tray and not wanted a huge teacake full of meat the next day, cold burgers aren’t great and that much bread probably isn’t good for you. Change it up a bit. Put it on the next morning’s wrap with some cheese, cucumber with a different sauce to the night before. Although very similar to a traditional burger it will taste a little different and feel different to eat with the new wrap format.


As silly as it can seem to just make minor changes, you can make leftover food more appealing and stop it getting wasted. You will save yourself whatever you intended to cook in that next meal and get the full value out of what you’ve already cooked. It will save you money and I find that spicy foods like chilli or curry often tasted better cold, plus a solidified corned beef pie is much nicer than it’s sludge just cooked form.

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