The Little Things

Christmas has come round again and honestly I think it’s a waste of time. The radio starts the music in November, the shops are doing Christmas stuff from October and the movies start in July so when you add all this together the magic of Christmas has worn off by the time the actual day comes. Having said that, there are some things that still make late December stand out, this can be anything from family traditions, get togethers, gift giving to pretty much anything else uniquely done at this time of year.

The thing that got me thinking about this this year is a Christmas card. I’ve never really been close to anyone and I don’t think I’ve been given a card for a decade or more – basically since I was a child – so receiving one was a bit of a shock. In truth it’s just a pointless piece of card that is a waste of money, however it’s the symbolism of the thing that matters.

We give them to extended family and to people that we consider good friends, it’s a gesture to remind people that even though you may not have spoke in person for five years (or whatever) you still want them in your life, it means you’ve thought about them. In these Covid and lockdown ridden times where waving at your Gran from across the street could be outlawed by next week it means so much more than just a pointless piece of card. It’s a connection to another person and no matter who you are it’s nice to know you matter to someone, more so if you know you won’t see them on Christmas day. I am aware of social media but something that is physical and tangible has more feel to it.

So next time some mostly forgotten cousin or a work colleague gives you a Christmas card don’t just shrug it off as something dumb that they felt they had to do within a fifty pack of cards that cost £1. See it as what it really is, someone has thought of you. That’s what I mean about the little things at Christmas, from the gifts to the gatherings to the pointless bits of card, Christmas is about thinking of others.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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