Does Game Difficulty Matter?

“I bet you play games on the easiest difficulty.“

Some guy on Twitter

On Twitter I follow general gaming things, as any Twitter user will know you get random posts connected to your interests appearing in the feed. One person commented that old Resident Evil 4 controls put them off the game, fair enough as I don’t play it for the same reason. The above quote is the first reply to that comment.

So does difficultly in gaming matter?

I’d say no. I play most games on the average or normal difficulty level because that’s the experience the developers wanted most people to have. I beat Dragon Age Inquisition on Nightmare difficulty twice because I understood the mechanics well enough to have fun with it, I drop Dragon Age Origins down to Easy sometimes because it relies on preparation which often causes me problems. I play games in the way that presents them as the most fun possible.

There are games that only have one set difficulty or are designed to be hard with a learning curve like the Soulsborne series. Those sort of games have challenge built into their design, it’s how they have to be to please certain people. There are games that have fun with difficulty names like having easy called ‘Can I play Daddy?” or something similar for very hard mode.

Back to the Twitter idiot using difficulty like it’s an insult. Why be so toxic? Somebody opens up to the possibility of discussing a control style which may be controversial, then abuse is what they get. Not just that but abuse at how they may or may not perform a hobby in order to enjoy themselves.

Everyone has their own way of doing things, their own path to happiness. Don’t insult someone for having an opinion that’s not really anything to do with you and definitely don’t criticise the way someone performs a hobby.

No wonder the world seems so terrible with inconsiderate people being like that.

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