Smash and crash and bash and break,
All I want is a piece of cake,
I’m a goblin, in my hole,
Digging down just like a mole.

Cut and thrust and slash and stab,
All your children I will nab,
I’m a goblin, see my knife,
With it I will take your life.

Sheep and cows and horses too,
They’re not safe, neither are you,
I’m a goblin, I like meat,
So, I’ll cook up a great big treat.

Run and duck and hide and cower,
In the darkest dungeon of a tower,
I’m a goblin, hated much,
I just want some friends or such.

One or two or three or more,
I need someone to care for,
I’m a goblin, without a clan,
Please don’t hate me, nice human.

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