Morrison’s Easter Pizza

The supermarket Morrison’s is ready for Easter, bringing out different sweet treats alongside the usual chocolate eggs. Morrison’s gimmick is that there’s quality fresh, Market Street food sometimes we get what’s expected like pies, chicken and pizza; sometimes there’s event based food like mini egg brownies or special buns. I am glad that companies are still being a little creative in the effort to win custom.

I became aware of the Easter pizza. A regular thin pizza based with soft, spreadable cheese acting as a glue to hold chocolate chips, cookie chunks and mini eggs. Following the cooking instructions on the label (8-12 minutes after preheating oven) I started to smell cookies.

Upon opening the oven I couldn’t hold back the laughter at the ugly abomination that I quickly moved onto the kitchen surface. A weird mess of not very melted chocolate with mounds of cookie on a crispy pizza base, a few cracked mini eggs somehow didn’t help its appearance.

With such a thing it was hard to know the correct way to cut it, with the pizza shape six triangular slices seemed appropriate. Shards of crust came off and chocolate stuck to the pizza cutter but eventually there was a well divided thing.

How did it taste? The important bit. With the hot chocolate chips coming fresh from the oven it should have been predictable that the cheese spread had no impact and what I had was like a giant cookie. It tasted like a hot gooey cookie which was helped by the lumps of actual cookies on there. The pizza base was mostly just a delivery system as only the furthest edges of crust were recognisable as pizza. The mini eggs still had a little crunch but were largely just more chocolate on a pile of chocolate. However, any true pizza lover knows that the cold pizza experience is just as important, with this I expect a cake bar sort of result but I’ll find out later (I’m also not writing about it so there’s still a surprise for everyone). The one thing I did learn is that smaller slices may be better as it got a bit sickly near the end of my slice.

Was it worth it? I think for the novelty of the thing, to say that I’ve tried it, it’s most definitely worth it as an experience. For taste, it was surprisingly pleasant, even enjoyable as it was basically just a cookie with extra chocolate. Price wise it’s a bit much for something you might not like on a first purchase, £3.50 could be a lot of other sweet treats and that’s without the cost of running an oven, but there was a 2 for £5 offer on pizzas so getting your main pizza and dessert together is a good deal.


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